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Find My Ring Size


The first step in finding your dream ring is finding your ring size. Designed to accurately measure the size of your finger, this plastic tool should be looped around the finger so that the end can be pulled until the ring is snug. The correct ring size should also be able to move over your knuckle, but it is normal for the ring to feel tight when doing so. Look for the little black arrow to determine the ring size. Our size finder will show full, half and quarter sizes, and ship to you within 48 hours.

Adjustable Ring Sizer


This simple tool easily allows you to find your ring size for any finger.

This ring sizer is 4.5mm wide.

Please keep in mind that this ring sizer is slightly thicker than the average ring, so for bands thinner in width then this sizer we recommend ordering 1/4 size down.

Ships within 48 hours of purchase.

Your ring should feel snug, but comfortable at the base of your finger. It is normal for there to be some difficulty when getting the ring over your knuckle.

The climate and temperature affects sizing. Measure when your hands are at room temperature for better accuracy.

Size the exact finger for the ring. Hands and fingers are not identical.

For the most accurate size, measure your ring size multiple times and on different days.

If the Ring is a Surprise

Here is what you can do:

1. Ask your friends or family if they know your partner’s ring size.

2. Borrow an existing ring (for the intended finger) and measure the inner diameter

3. Schedule an appointment with us so we can measure it for you. In-person appointments can be booked here


We provide complimentary resizing, as long as the ring is not custom or engraved within the first 14 days of receiving your ring if the ring is solid gold or silver. Shipping rates apply to the customer for receipt to and from our PO Box. If any ring needs to be resized out of the 14-day grace period a fee will apply plus shipping. If any ring needs to be resized that is custom made or engraved a fee will apply. Please email with your inquiry.