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What is the brand’s commitment?

Since our company founding in 2019, we have been fully dedicated to sustainable packaging solutions for our products. With an added specialty in compostable packaging. If the packaging is not truly and authentically sustainable we do not use it. It is that simple. This mission has served us well over the years. Impact the world, Mother Earth in a positive way is our ethos. Our customers trust we will always offer the very best solutions to leave as less of an environmental foot print as possible.

Our customers have access to the leading sustainable packaging innovations and developments through purchasing our brand products – allowing them to make better buying habits for themselves while helping improve our planet.  Transparency and authenticity are at the core of how we do business.

We sincerely hope the facts covered here provide enough information to fully describe our sustainability efforts, both with our product offerings and our company culture. If you have any unanswered questions, though, simply ask us, and we will do our best to provide you with the answers you need.

Is Human Design using compostable packaging?

Our packaging requires much less waste than rigid packaging, less transit resource needs, and uses fewer natural resources in production.

Since our beginning in 2019, as a  jewelry company we take into consideration the impact on the planet, its people, our customers, and our employees. We constantly strive to lower our environmental footprint through innovation, research, continuous improvement, and creative solutions as well as compost and sustainability interest groups.

Human Design’s leadership in compostable packaging for their products ushers in a new era of innovative sustainable packaging improvements to the world of the fashion industry. You can count on Human Design as a trusted and reliable business providing authentic packaging made from certified compostable materials.

What are the compostable polices that Human Design follows?

There is an important difference between the terms biodegradable and compostable.  These terms can be misunderstood and confused.  At the Federal and State level, there are guidelines and laws.  The FTC’s Summary of Green Guides is a valuable reference.  The Federal Trade Commission states that all item marketed as biodegradable must break down in a reasonably short period of time after customary disposal – about 1 year.

When it comes to compostable claims, the rules are clear: An item must meet one of two ASTM tests. ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868. A certification is a sure fire way to know the item has is tested by a company other than the one manufacturing or selling the item.  All our products have certified compostable papers, films, and adhesives. Many of the items are also certified as backyard compostable. To find a composter near you, visit findacomposter.com. If you happen to throw an item that is sold as compostable into your backyard compost bin, it may take a long time for the composting process to occur. A professionally managed facility very closely controls the heat and moisture level of the material which aids and accelerates the process.

Human Design remains up to date with laws and all products are in full compliance.  Additionally, some states have implemented their own policies and laws. In the state of California plastic bags may not be marketed as “biodegradable”, “degradable”, or “decomposable”, and must comply with ASTM D 6400-04 standard specification to be marketed as “compostable” or “marine degradable”.  The only sure fire way is to ask the manufacturer for a third party certification document. This certification should not be one generated by the company itself. It should be from an accredited third party such as the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), Din Certco, Vinçotte, or other reputable third party. The American Chemistry Council performed a study and determined that most consumers feel the time frame for biodegradation should be 1 year or less to make those claims. Do the research to fully understand what is exactly going to happen to the product upon disposal.

Where can I find a composter?

Find a composter here: www.findacomposter.com

Is the packaging recyclable?

Many packaging items are recycled after they have served their primary purpose, so it is important to ensure all components of the packaging are truly recyclable. This may seem obvious but there may be paper labels which do not have a recycle-compatible adhesive.

Does Human Desugn use abundant and renewable raw materials

Our packaging solutions are based upon tree-free abundant and renewable raw materials. We use papers made from pulps derived from manila hemp (abaca), water hyacinth, and mulberry. This is a way to preserve forests, use invasive plants, and provide a new eco-friendly packaging solution which could also be recycled easily. Much has changed for the better. There is now a wide range of sustainable papers. To this day we continue to use manila hemp and sugarcane plant fiber waste for some packaging items.

What are the different sustainable practices

We consider every aspect of what we do when it comes to being a leader in sustainability.

Here are some things we do to be able to produce and internally operate our business as responsibly as possible:

  • Print with vegetable ink

  • Manufacture with wind energy

  • Design efficient packaging solutions that ship with low footprints

  • Find ways to reduce or eliminate the use of materials and use up cycled materials

  • Efficient shipping to save money and our carbon footprint by consolidating shipments

  • Minimize energy waste and improve efficiencies in our office

  • When packing materials are in good condition, re-use them when shipping outbound

Since our founding in 2019, we remain steadfast and dedicated to providing world-class innovative to the fashion industry.  We strive to Change Fashion, FOR GOOD! 

Are your products all your own designs?

Most of the designs are our own designs the others are in collaboration with other artists. One of our goals is to work with independent artists to give them a platform to create and showcase their talent.

Jewelry Made Consciously

My first goal is to provide products with low environmental impact that are also made consciously. We were able to begin this journey by using 100% certified compostable packaging material for all of our products. Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. I am really happy to know that Human Design Shop’s products do not contribute to that number. My next goal is to be able to source fairmined eco logical gold. Currently the majority of our products materials consist of using stainless steel. Stainless Steel is a recyclable metal and new stainless steel is already typically 50-60% recycled. In addition, refining stainless steel is much less toxic to the environment & isnt harmful to either the soil or water it comes in contact with if it is not recycled properly. The other materials we use at sterling silver .925 and vacuum plated 18 karat gold. Being able to provide products that are fairmined and ecological are at the top of my todo list.

Artists Platform

The second is to provide a platform for artists to create. I want you to be able to share the same joy and happiness you feel when wearing one of our products with someone who needs that support and kindness. Which is why we are working in collaboration with creative independent designers for our swimwear prints to provide support, awareness and exposure to their unique and amazing talents. As a designer, I love collaborating with other artists. Our swimwear designs are made in collaboration with extremely talented artists. Being able to design the look of the garment and working with different artists on the design print makes for a truly incredible final product, it is something quite special.

Giving Back

The third goal of mine is to give back. Being an entrepreneur my entire life has truly humbled me. In many times of my life I have been in need of something. Be it support from the kindness of strangers or thoughtful words from a friend. I know what these gestures mean because they are the same gestures that kept me going in the least favorable of times. This is how the Buy 1 Give 1 program developed, during the Covid-19 outbreak I decided that even though my company was not able to donate money we are able to still be able to spread joy. I decided that we would match every purchase from our website and give an item to a nurse in the purchasers local area to show our gratitude and to hopefully uplift the spirits of others during this time. I hope to run similar programs for other social good causes in the future.

More than just a Fashion company

Human Design Shop is more than just a fashion company – its a lifestyle. We believe in empowerment, positivity and the importance of social good. Our products are designed to tell stories through their powerful meanings. We strive to inspire women to create, share and live their own stories.

Built on an Ethical Conscious

Human design was built on an ethical conscious. Less plastic waste makes for beauty without compromise. We believe in a fashion industry that supports our environment and uplifts others in the process.

Live life with Meaning

Every time you shop with human design you have the power to beautifully affect someones life including your own. Live life with meaning and make every moment count.

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