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"Spiritual Energy" Sun Ray Stackable Ring


Everything you do is done with the energy of one or several of the spiritual rays. The entire material world is made from the seven rays. Every limitation you face is created out of a perversion of one or more of the seven spiritual rays. The ONLY way to transcend a given limitation is to free yourself from a): the belief that created the limitation and b): the low-frequency energy that has been generated.The ONLY way to transform the low-frequency energy that is created by a given ray is to invoke the pure energy of that ray. Any ray is the anti-dote to the energy from that ray.

Material: .925 Sterling Silver 

Color: Vacuum 18k Gold Plated, Sterling Silver 

Free From: Nickel, Hypo-Allergenic 

Size: (Adjustable) 

Weight: 3.8grams