GLOW: Cacao Journey, Buti Yoga, Silent Disco Healing Dance Party

Glow from within, as well as on the outside <3

Open with a cacao journey that will guide yoau into your body. Set intentions to heal from the inside out, and experience a guided activation that will have you feeling your body top to bottom, through and through.

After you build a strong connection between your mind, body, and soul complemented with the powerful intentional healing medicine that is cacao, we will explore our bodies with the newfound awareness in a buti yoga class lead by Noelle Canet Carvey.

Get ready to get your GLOW on, as Noelle’s class will finish with glow paint to lead into our silent disco dance party.

Finally, our silent disco healing dance party will be thrown by the king of ~vibes~, Ernesto Perez. We’ll have UV light to bring out out your GLOW, visuals, and projection mapping, so you can explore your body in new ways. Be in your own silo with the silent disco, and dance in whatever way feels good for your body, without any fear of judgment from the outside world.

In addition, there will be:
~Herbal elixir and tonic bar by Gabriella Gordillo, founder of Zenergy Bar~
~Healing massage touch offered by Steph Zhu, CMT (@themysticdreamer)~

Glow, flow, groove, move, and feel your way to good health with the Zentourage.