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Why We Use Post Consumer Recycled and Compostable Materials

Why We Use Post Consumer Recycled and Compostable Materials

Posted by Ashley Renee on Dec 14th 2020

Today consumers and business owners are more aware of the need to help save the environment. They have become each other’s catalysts in marketing eco-friendly brands. When consumers support sustainable business, it creates a ripple effect within the marketing world. The same is true for businesses. Sustainable businesses draw in the environmentally conscious consumer. Pro-active decisions on each side make positive impacts towards the future of the environment. Post-consumer recycled and compostable materials are major proponents in this interaction. Each material plays a major role in helping to save our environment.

Human Design launched its brand with the initiative to set themselves apart. Human Design expresses their values through the materials they have chosen to use for their products and packaging. Human Design’s jewelry has been created from post-consumer recycled material. Metals and gemstones have been recovered from past consumer products. The packaging Human Design uses is 100% biodegradable and compostable material. This means the packaging will leave no carbon footprint on the earth.

Also known as PCR, Post Consumer Recycled Material is all material that is thrown into recycling bins. This material has gone to recycling facilities to be recreated. There are several environmental advantages to purchasing PCR material. PCR reduces the amount of energy that is needed to create products. Brand new extracted material requires 90% more energy in its manufacturing process. It is unnecessary for virgin materials to be extracted from the earth, instead it is more beneficial to use resources which have already been harvested. Recycling is no different from other businesses in that it is based upon a supply and demand model. Therefore, the more the consumer and company invests in recycled products the higher demand there is for recycled materials. The snowball effect then increases at a rapid rate in a positive direction.

Compostable material is always biodegradable, disintegrable, and is free from toxicity. Compostable material creates a beneficial cycle in our environment. First, it encourages beneficial bacteria and fungi to grow. The fungi and bacteria break down organic material. The broken-down material enriches the soil. Healthy soil suppresses plant diseases. Without plant diseases the need for pesticides is diminished. Plants and fruit that grown from these types of soils are healthier to consume and breathe in. Compostable material also reduces methane emissions from landfills. Thus, our carbon footprint is greatly reduced through purchasing compostable materials.

Human Design has established an identity through its values to use post-consumer recycled materials and compostable and biodegradable packaging. When you invest in a jewelry design with meaning, you are also investing in our planet. As we actively take positions to counteract the harm that has been done to the earth we help other business owners and consumers to do the same, helping everyone to become more environmentally aware and make conscientious decisions that reduce our carbon footprint on the earth.