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How to Create A Sustainable Christmas

How to Create A Sustainable Christmas

Posted by Ashley Renee on Dec 8th 2020

Each December Christmas shows up to bless the earth. We have an opportunity to respond to the gift of the season by reducing our carbon footprint on the earth, and in turn giving back to Christmas. Here are some tips to making this Christmas environmentally friendly.

Real Christmas Trees

Simply put, if you are deciding whether to purchase an artificial tree or a real one, go with a real one. Plastic trees are made of petroleum products and use up resources in manufacturing and shipping. However, real trees provide environmental benefits as they grow. Once the pine tree is ready to be harvested, new trees are almost always planted in their absence. In addition, growing trees provide a valuable livelihood for tree farmers. Besides, real trees bring the distinct smell of Christmas right into your living space. How could you give that up? Once the New Year has begun, compost your tree and let it go back to the earth. Most neighborhoods have several places where you can take your tree to be composted.

Christmas LED Lights

We know LED lights offer a more sustainable Christmas than standard lights. If you haven’t already, replace your older bulbs with LED lighting. LED lights use less electricity than incandescent bulbs. This is because LED lights are made with light emitting diodes instead of filaments. The electricity in LED lighting goes towards producing the light rather than being wasted on heat. LED lights also emit fewer greenhouse gases than incandescent bulbs. Another energy saving tip- put your lights on a timer. Usually by 12 am there aren’t too many people who will miss out on seeing your lovely outside décor.

Recyclable Gift Wrapping

Did you know metallic and glitter gift wrap is not recyclable? No worries! This is your time to get creative. Use recycled bags to wrap your presents and finish off the bow with some pinecones and evergreen sprigs. Once done, your recyclable gift wrapping will look trendier and more personalized that a glittery wrapped package. If you don’t have brown recyclable bags, look around your home for fabric or anything else you can find to repurpose. Recyclable gift wrapping is the look you want under your tree this year.

Natural Christmas Decorations

Take a holiday stroll and be inspired by the natural Christmas decorations around you. Pick up berries, small logs, pinecones, and evergreen leaves to bring home and use for inside natural Christmas decorations. Tie the logs together with ribbon and put a sprig of greenery through the ribbon. Fruit such as berries, oranges, and pomegranates can be dried out in the oven to be used as decorations. Stringed fruit or fruit ornaments make a lovely focus to your tree. Light bleeds through the fruit to give it a beautiful natural stained-glass appearance. Another idea is to create a new tradition for your animal neighbors. Decorate a tree outside with edibles in the evening. Take along hot chocolate and sing Christmas carols. Come back to the tree in the early morning with coffee and see if you can spot a deer along with birds, racoons, and other forest animals enjoying an early Christmas feast.

These are just a few ideas of many to create a sustainable Christmas holiday. Get creative and think environmentally friendly. Human Design wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.