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Designs with Meaning: How to Wear the Agape Bracelet this Holiday Season

Designs with Meaning: How to Wear the Agape Bracelet this Holiday Season

Posted by Ashley Renee on Dec 21st 2020

Everyday humankind encounters hate. Humans are assaulted by hate through news, political agendas, and social media. Children encounter hate through bullying at school. Covid has caused the entire world to experience the violence of the virus itself. As we face so much terrorism within our society, we must counteract it. The answer is found in love.

The English language does not have a descriptive way of defining love, but one of the Greek definitions of love accurately expresses the word in order to examine its meaning. Agape, a type of love, is an ancient Greek word that is recognized today. Agape means love in its highest form. It is the type of love that originates from God for humankind.

In the New Testament of the Bible, agape refers to covenant love for humans. John 3:16 is one of the most well-known verses in the Bible and it is described as the focal point of the gospel message. The word agape is the word used to describe the love that moved God to send his son to save the world.

The Dalai Lama is a superb example of agape love. The Dalai Lama was quoted recently on Twitter saying, “If those of you who are young today are going to fulfill a vision for a happier, more peaceful future in this world, you need to learn to live each day in a more meaningful way. You need to sharpen your human intelligence through study, but you also need to develop a warm heart.” The Dalai Lama’s mission is to inspire others to live a life of selfless love and compassion towards humanity.

There is no better time to wear Human Design’s Agape Bracelet than during the holidays. Human Design creates their jewelry with meaning. That is exactly why the agape bracelet was created- to inspire love. Here are a few ways to demonstrate agape love while wearing the bracelet:

  • 1)Listen to your neighbor
  • 2)Respect others’ differences
  • 3)Engage others in conversation and thought
  • 4)Be honest
  • 5)Don’t make assumptions
  • 6)Connect spiritually, to give out spiritually
  • 7)Address hurt feelings openly
  • 8)Serve your neighbor

Agape love goes beyond loving those that are easy to love. Agape love is proactive. This type of love is always actively loving regardless if it’s difficult. Agape love is unconditional love, therefore when you are expressing this type of love you are imitating the divine love that brings you closer to a heavenly experience. Human Design wants you to not only put on the agape bracelet this holiday season, but to put on love.