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10 Days of Mindfulness Before Christmas Day

10 Days of Mindfulness Before Christmas Day

Posted by Ashley Renee on Dec 21st 2020

Christmas is right around the corner. The holiday season brings with it both happiness and challenges for some. Christmas has a way of emotionally affecting us – for better or for worse. Many of us experience a sense of connectedness while others of us become more aware of the loss of connection. Whether you are embracing this season with a heart full of peace and happiness or you are hesitant to navigate the emotionally turbulent waters, Human Design wants you to spend these next 10 days of Christmas enjoying this blissful season. The practice of mindfulness can take you there. The goal of mindfulness is to achieve a perpetual state of peace. Below are 10 goals for each day to having a mindful Christmas.

Day 1: Do Something Out of the Ordinary

Sometimes simply doing something you don’t do every day gives you the rush of adrenaline you need to experience happiness. If you normally walk in the mornings, put on music and dance instead. If you like to read, try writing a poem rather than reading. On the spur of the moment, book an event that requires travel.

Day 2: Hug the People Around You

Take time today to embrace those around you. Be intentional about hugging! Hugging itself is good for the soul. You will feel a release of endorphins when you hug your loved ones around you. Beyond that, they will be very happy to receive your hug. It’s a win, win!

Day 3: Reframe Negative Situations

As you practice mindfulness, you will become more aware of your thought life. Notice your negative thoughts and reframe them. Find the good in situations. For example, if you are feeling irritated by the people around you, disconnect from your solo time and instead connect with them. Play a game, talk, or go outside. Reframe negativity by counteracting with it.

Day 4: Find Ways to Be Kind

Often the best way to overcome melancholy is to counteract your situation by doing a service for someone else. At first, you won’t feel like it, but if you move past your feelings and do a kind act you will reap what you sowed. This principle must be written in some sort of universal law…. wink, wink.

Day 5: Intentional Christmas Shopping

Take your time when it comes to selecting gifts for your loved ones. Forget about the commercialism that wants to grab you at every turn. Gift giving is an ancient tradition that unites friends and families. Gifts express love and affection. One idea is to purchase gifts that pay it forward. Your recipient will love to know this as well. For example, Human Design is an eco-friendly brand. When you purchase jewelry from Human Design you are gifting the environment as well.

Day 6: Mindful Christmas Cards

If you write Christmas cards give thought to who would appreciate them the most. Usually older people, people you rarely see, and friends and family abroad are the ones who will appreciate your handwritten cards. If you have kids, create a Christmas craft with them simply making their own Christmas cards to send to family. You can find blank cards at almost any craft store. Have them write something with meaning.

Day 7: Practice Enjoying Christmas Around You

Today you need to throw yourself into the things that make Christmas so wondrous. Gather around your tree and sing a Christmas carol. Take a home baked gift to your neighbor’s house. Go downtown for a stroll and look at the lights. If you have any family traditions, today is the day to implement them.

Day 8: Go Outside

Make this day about nature and the outdoors. Find a hiking trail near your house. If you live in a place with snow, today is the day to build a huge snowman and go sledding. Ice skating is always magical. If you live in a warmer climate, go to the beach and pack a festive lunch. Enjoy the sun on your face. Celebrate Christmas outside your home.

Day 9: Make A Mindful Drink

Whatever your drink of choice this holiday season- tea, eggnog, or coffee... Take the time today to make it extra special. Make a holiday cocktail you haven’t tried or dress up your coffee with whip cream and marshmallows. Have fun relaxing with your new holiday cocktail.

Day 10: Create Special Memories

Today is the day to soak in the day. Be present with every moment, so you can relish it for years to come. Capture your children and or loved ones on camera and film. Enjoy them. Play with them. Go with the flow. Do simply what makes you happy. It’s officially Christmas!

Mindfulness integrates intention, attention, and attitude. Intention is what you hope to acquire. Attention describes your level of alertness. Attitude is assessing your personal interaction towards experiencing. Human Design hopes you apply these 10 days of having a mindful Christmas. If you do, we know you will end on Christmas Day full of cheer and delight. Happy Holiday from