Women Entrepreneurs: A Closer View of a Modern Jewelry Company Owner


Women Entrepreneurs:

A Closer View of a Modern Jewelry Company Owner

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Each March we globally recognize the impact women have made in our history. We take the time to reflect on the fact we would not be where we are in our ethics without the vital role of women in our society. Women have certainly launched us forward. It was in 1978 that a group of women set the course for women’s history month.

Women educators located in Santa Rosa, CA were displeased that women were not properly recognized for their contributions in the curriculum they were teaching.  They came up with a plan. They decided to give a “Real Women” essay contest that would engage the community of women to emphasize their strategic roles in their families and society.  The essay contest was followed by a parade and transformed into a week-long celebration honoring women. Afterwards, the week-long observance gained national recognition and thus, a month dedicated to women was birthed. 

The empowerment of women is legendary. In honor of this special month we decided to highlight the founder of Human Design jewelries – a woman, Gabrielle Gordillo, by asking her a few questions of how she began building a sustainable jewelry company. As she replies in her earthy tone, you know she is a lover of the environment and committed to ethical fashion.  She is wearing a bright gold half sun pendant from her sustainable modern collection and her bohemian finger beaded rings are hard to miss.

What Inspired You As A Woman To Begin Your Company?

I have been involved in the fashion industry since 2012. Beginning my company stemmed from my need to be creative…to inspire myself and others around me while adhering to my ethics. I like brands that are sustainable. I have always been a business woman as well as a creative. I care deeply about our environment, so my business is a conglomerate of these elements.”

What Advice Would You Give To An Upcoming Female Entrepreneur?


“I would definitely say to be flexible and not to attached to the outcome. A lot of times we start off with an idea, but the initial idea transforms into where we did not begin. Often, the first idea you had needs to be tweaked many times. Also, I think it’s important to keep things lean as an entrepreneur. I feel a lot of us have this sense to act on our larger than life ideas. We think really big…and woman’s empowerment is important, but keeping things as lean as possible for as long as possible, no matter how big you want to make it or how much ‘x’ amount of money will help you. If you keep it lean and raise the funds yourself through different methods within your company you can wait until you’re in the most opportune position to negotiate a deal. You may even find yourself being presented
with a deal quicker than you thought if it was done right. That is empowerment and that’s the real gold.”

What Has Been Your Largest Set Back & How Did You Overcome It?

“I would say my largest set back was dealing with a bad business deal. I overcame it by taking time to reflect. I’m a deep thinker and a strategic creator, so for me it wasn’t a matter of jumping right back in that same environment – I wanted to take things real slow and formulate a new plan. Once I had the new idea I developed a plan of action. I started working immediately on it without any fear from the past.  I only gained knowledge from the lessons. My new idea became my engagement ring to the future of my company. ”

What Do You Think Every Woman Needs To Succeed & How Do You Define Success?

“If we are talking about business, you need an extreme amount of determination and focus. Really, I think it’s different for everyone.  For women like myself that’s what I needed. It’s like starting off with a promise ring and having your promise ring exchanged for the engagement ring.  For those women who have more resources than me…maybe a good idea, but for me I needed to marry my business.”

We want this article to inspire you. Our next blog will highlight a South Florida local nurse.
We are honoring her service and vision for our community. We will look at how her ring is a promise to our future.

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